Complete me

Breaking inside,

I muster a smile,

To avoid coming undone.

If you ask me if I’m ok,

I will say yes, I’m fine.

But inside I’m breaking.

See past the mask,

And into the chaos raging inside.

Tell me you know I’m not ok,

Hold me,

Till the broken pieces are held together.

Bring me the peace I am with out.

Complete me.

© 2017 abbyjoliecho

My little Infinity

Millions of moments pass me by like fireflies.

Little sparks here and there to light a path.

Some glow brighter than others, but fade just as fast.

Recounting the good time and the bad,

Leave me with a feeling of tranquility.

Watching a replay of the times I shared with you,

As you float away and become just another moment.

The fireflies fill the sky like stars,

Reminding me of my little infinity.

© 2017 abbyjoliecho

I wish I could forget

Trying to forget you is becoming more and more difficult.

My resolve starts to tremble as if an earthquake is shaking it.

The brown color of your eyes, are the darkest chocolate I want to indulge in.

The tan color of your skin that’s been kissed by the sun,

A caramel concoction my lips beg to feel.

Your dark hair, a maze my fingers could get lost in.

Your lips, full and exquisite, leave my mind blank.

Your words, smooth and flawless, the sound of the r’s that you roll when you speak to me in a language we both understand,

Take my breath away.

I can’t help to forget the moments we had, the memories bring tears to my eyes and the regret rolls in my stomach like a storm at sea.

But then I remember that you aren’t for me,

And one day you’ll make some woman very happy.

But that woman isn’t me.

© 2017 abbyjoliecho


In the aftermath,

I’m glad I did what I did.

Looking back, I was on a road of pain and destruction.

Decisions that need to be made for the better,

Are always the hardest.

In the aftermath,

I find peace in my heart.

However, your tattooed name resides on the piece of me that you once had.

But it still beats.

© 2017 abbyjoliecho

Self Destruction

When Sadness grips my heart

Anger yells at me in the mirror.

Acceptance turns her face away from me.

Disgust runs his filthy hands over my body.

Regret makes herself know by taking my hand.

Love is huddled in a corner weeping,

And Agony stands idly by watching my self destruction.

@ 2017 abbyjoliecho

In Need of Repair

It’s funny how you said I’m the only one.

But you run around in the same circles with someone else that you did with me.

You dropped me like I was nothing.

And the worst part about it…. is that I still love you.

But I’m done with being blinded by lust.

It’s not love that I’ve been fooled by, it was merely a fantasy filled with lustful daydreams.

The tears that stain my cheeks aren’t tears of pain anymore.

Gone is the feeling of worthlessness because I wasn’t enough to sate the hungry need for me that I though you had.

I’m gonna pick up all the shattered pieces of my broken heart and turn them into a trophy.

With the lust hazed blindfold gone from my eyes, I’m gonna find someone better than you.

My self respect may be beaten and bruised and my self worth may be in need of repair but I’m not your toy anymore.

© 2017 abbyjoliecho

Love, unrequited

Oh how our souls danced,

Flickering lights in the tides of time,

Fingertips grazing, hearts burning,

But just as quick as light flickers on its gone again.

Back to missing the way my soul flew and danced with you.

Back to searching for something I’ll never have.

But oh how our souls danced.

© 2017 abbyjoliecho

Set me Free

You feed my dreams with endless lies,

You still hope I don’t recognize,

That you are drawn to me,

But I can see,

That you want me close

But you keep me away so no one knows,

That I’m your ghost

That’s tainted your heart.

But beware,

For you have dared,

To tempt me and hurt me

And now you will see

That I am a vengeful spirit,

And you have broken me,

And set me free….

© 2017 abbyjoliecho

Lovely Little Daydreams

I’m a fool,

Trapped in daydreams and fairytales.

I rushed in,

To feel the euphoric pain I knew would come.

I cant help,

But feel like I fell into a trap that know I could see.

Falling in love,

I didn’t fall in love, I walked into it, no, I ran into it with open arms. Not realizing the painful bliss that would befall me.

With you,

Things were natural, you made me feel things like no one else could. But in reality my daydreams were nightmares in disguise. All I want is you. But I can never have that.

I was a fool, who rushed in. I ran willingly into love, a Love I could never have.

But I keep falling, more and more in love with you.

© 2017 abbyjoliecho